Tutoring For Kids That Makes Learning Feel Easier

Tutoring is a powerful service that can help your child feel better about themselves, their abilities, about school, and about learning in general. Individual attention makes all the difference when a child is struggling.

Even when times are normal, school can be stressful for both students and parents. The pressure to keep up academically and socially can create issues that last throughout the student’s life. Now, schools are scrambling to create new ways of teaching and learning that also keep everyone properly protected.

Virtual learning means students and parents have to do more of the work of educating on their own. Classroom learning means the worry of keeping safe and healthy.

Both options mean extra stress and more difficulty with learning.

But there is a solution! The Tutoring Company will:

  • Help students gain the confidence, content knowledge, and learning skills they need to do the best they can in school and in life. Tutoring sessions are developed to meet the needs of each student because learning is an individual thing.
  • Bridge gaps of understanding in subject matter so that your child has a firm foundation to build on.
  • Improve grades because good tutors teach both subject knowledge and learning skills which are transferable to other subjects. Learning skills build confidence within students because they help them “unstick” themselves when the student becomes confused. After all, who doesn’t like the feeling of having figured it out on their own?

The Tutoring Company specializes in teaching Math, Science and Writing to students 5th grade and above. We offer Academic Coaching services for students looking to optimize their college portfolio, manage their time, and improve study skills. In addition, we offer support to parents who are trying to learn how to cope with virtual learning and support their students at home. See our services page for more details, or book a consultation to get started.