Oooops, I missed yesterday’s post or what to do when you didn’t do what you were supposed to do when you were supposed to do it.

I missed posting yesterday. I could go into all of the justifications, and there are a few, but thing is, I’d set myself a goal to be consistent so I could build a habit and I missed a deadline. I have a few ways, at least, to approach this event. Here are some of the obvious ones. You may see … Read more

What Would Help You Most?


So, I am curious. As I build this blog I have an idea of who I think I am writing for. However, I am curious about what people need from a tutor or a blog about tutoring. When I started my business tutoring students here in my town I planned to focus on Biology and Science but I found that … Read more

Want to know your current habits? Keep a journal.

Knowing what our current habits are is essential to taking action to change them. Every habit book I have ever read has advocated keeping a journal to identify what we’re doing at a given time. In the era of smart phones this is easier than ever. Keep a small book with you, I like the little, pocket sized Moleskine Journals … Read more

Why should I bother with habits when I hate being tied to routine?

Habits are powerful things and like all powerful things they have both light and shadow sides.  Because many of us, especially young people, are drawn to flexibility and the power of possibility we feel free when we are living completely in the moment we are often resistant to habits and routines. The thing of it is. We live our lives … Read more

3 key ideas for writing resolutions that work!

Happy New Year! Have you set your resolutions yet? Are they grand? Will your resolutions help you stretch yourself and grow? Or, have you given up on resolutions altogether because you always crap out on them and you’re tired of feeling bad about yourself for never living up to your dreams? I mean, no-one likes to feel bad about themselves, … Read more