Hi, my name is Beth Chase and I founded The Tutoring Company because I love to see the light come on when people” get it”.

In a Nut Shell

I am a certified teacher with a masters degree in education and I have both classroom and tutoring experience. I recently graduated with a master’s degree in counseling. I am RobbinsMadanes Coach-In-Training. I am good at building rapport with people and helping them move past their anxiety and frustration so they are open to learning and understanding. I love helping people relax and create solutions that work for them and help them achieve their goals. If I sound like a good fit you can book a consultation with me to learn more. Or, Check out my Services page.

Want More? Read On:

I am a why person. If I don’t know why I am doing something or if the why doesn’t resonate with what I believe in I won’t get it done. The truth is, according to Simon Sinek, we are all why people. And we spend our time seeking out people whose whys match ours. Those are the people we share our values with. Those are the people we feel connected to. These are the reasons I like to tutor and why I run this company.

I loved to read, still do. For me, reading is fun. Reading builds connection to thoughts, ideas, places, and characters. That’s why, when I was 3 years old according to family legend, I insisted that my parents teach me to read. My mom did. She wanted some peace and, once I could read on my own she got a lot of it because I was off on my own with my nose in a book. I still spend a lot of time with my nose in a book.

I did not have the same feeling about math. I didn’t really see the importance of all this fancy, schmancy manipulation of numbers. I did not connect with the images those numbers were trying to express. Because I felt a complete lack of connection with the meaning of numerical phrases I struggled to make sense of, and remember, all the rules that help people manipulate numbers the way my favorite authors manipulated words. I had no connection with the why of numbers and all the “real world” examples of when and how those processes were used meant nothing to me. Don’t tell me that you need X process or Y process to build houses or bridges. I was never going to build a house or a bridge. Nor was I going to check the math of those who did. That was not an interesting why.

I have come a long way since my childhood, now I find fun in manipulating the numbers phrases and making connections between this idea and that. Perhaps someday, in a post, I’ll explore the process that brought me there. I still love words better.

I believe that everyone can learn. I believe that learning can be fun. I believe that it isn’t always. I believe that sometimes it is darned hard work and it doesn’t feel good at all till you push through the walls of fear of failure and absolute conviction that we are NEVER. in a million years. gonna get this. I believe that everyone with a reasonable amount of cognitive ability can get it. What ever “it” is.

I believe in helping students believe in themselves.

I can explain things. I can demonstrate things. I can give you ritual and routines to help you practice. All of these things provide the foundation to help you learn. Learning anything is something internal, that you do through practice. Like learning to walk. Your parents could hold your hands so that you had support enough to take the step but you had to take the step. And eventually you had to let go of your supports to walk on your own. If your 8 month old self wasn’t willing to fall on his or her butt on a regular basis, you’d still be crawling around in your living room at the ripe age of ____. Learning anything else is just like that. I can provide the support you need until you can do it on your own.

I believe you can do it.

I can help. If you fall on your butt, I’ll help you get back up and ready for the next step.

Do I sound like a good fit? Book a consultation to learn more.