Why People Hate Math

people hate math

  This is my assignment, to do a mind map for an online course that I am taking. It was interesting to listen to what others had to say about their feelings on math, even top tier scientists and realize that I had a lot of excellent company, from all walks of life, sharing my feelings. To learn more about … Read more

Summer Reading Slump…

summer reading

Continuing in the Summertime theme I want to write a little bit about the summer reading slump. To be truthful, I am not a staunch believer that we can forget what we have truly learned quite that quickly. But that’s another article. With that caveat, i do believe that there is one big activity that can help maintain your child’s … Read more

What Would Help You Most?


So, I am curious. As I build this blog I have an idea of who I think I am writing for. However, I am curious about what people need from a tutor or a blog about tutoring. When I started my business tutoring students here in my town I planned to focus on Biology and Science but I found that … Read more