Beth really got to my son in a good way. he responded well to her and she was able to keep his attention even though he was quiet and shy. my son learned a lot and really used the (math and study) skills she gave him. I;d use her again if he needs her. In fact, she’s on my contact list.    M. Cruz, Corpus Christi TX

Overall improvement in all areas and increase in grades. (Academic Coaching Services) D. Green, Portland TX.

It was great to see my son learning from others the value and absolute need to be organized. It was great seeing him not only learn but to apply the (organization and time management) tools you gave to him. It was reassuring to see him improve in thinking ahead and looking towards the future but prioritizing so he would not be as overwhelmed with the day to day tasks needed to get to his goals… ie.. college. Knowing that my son has many of the tools you have given him to remain organized, plan and to keep his priorities straight is a tremendous value. S.  Greene, Portland TX