You Are the Line

One of the things I am passionate about is helping people understand growth vs fixed mentalities.

A fixed mentality says that I am the sum of the gifts that I was born with. That I will have talents. But that I will also have no-talent areas. This idea shows up in statements like: “I am a reader”, or “I’m not good at science”, or “I can’t/can do art”. A fixed mentality says that failure is bad and it means that I don’t have the ability.

A growth mindset says that whatever my talents and abilities are at this moment I can always get better. I can learn to be a better writer. I can learn to be better at science. I can learn to be an artist. I will have to work. I may get frustrated but I can work through it. I may have to find someone or something to help me but that’s okay. I may make mistakes and I may have failures but I will learn from them.

The title of this post comes from a line near the end of the video that I have embedded below. We are the line. We are the journey from success to failure and back again. We are all the points between. A point is a fixed place and a fixed time. A line is an infinite collection of many points all connected together. That means that, in your unique way, you too are infinite.

The speakers are the founders of These Are Things, artists who specialize in making complex information seem clear and simple. I love their story. You will too! This video is approximately 30 minutes long. It is worth every second of time to listen to it. If you want to hear only the part about “You are the line”, skip to about 25 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend that you skip though. You’ll miss some good bits. Enjoy!

Oh, and if you hadn’t figured it out, You Are the Line is growth mindset at its highest!

Video copyright 2013: These Are Things and Weapons of Mass Creation

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